REACH Registration

REACH Registration is necessary by certain deadlines, depending on the annual volume marketed. We register substances for both our non-European and European customers.

Most registrations are ‘joint submissions’. A REACH consortium of active companies prepares the REACH registration dossier. Other registrants may join their registration. They must buy a ‘Letter of Access’ to the joint registration.

For joint submissions, our REACH registration service consists of:

• We determine by which deadline the substance must be registered under REACH.

• We find the right REACH consortium for your substance and determine the fee for the ‘Letter of Access’.

• We provide the customer with a short list of data that must be provided. If necessary we assist in collecting this data.

• We check together with our customer if the consortium’s substance ID exactly covers the customers’ substance.

• We acquire the ‘Letter of Access’ from the REACH Consortium.

• We complete the IUICLID registration dossier with the customer’s data.

• We determine with the customer if an SME discount can be obtained for the ECHA registration fee. (SME: Small and medium Sized Enterprise).

• We collect and record the necessary SME-proof from the customer.

• We submit the registration dossier to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

• We ensure payment of the registration fee to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Sitmae is also capable of handling more complex REACH registrations. See our section on REACH consultancy.

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