REACH Candidate List Obligations

When a substance features on the REACH Candidate List, this leads to obligations:

SVHC Information to be provided

When a Candidate List substance is used in a mixture (> 0,1%) this must be indicated on the Safety Data Sheet.

When a Candidate List substance is used in an article (> 0,1%), professional and industrial users must be informed.

In both cases Consumers must be informed within 45 days after at their request.

NGO’s provide standard letters with such SVHC Reach information requests.

SVHC Notification to ECHA

When a Candidate List substance is used in an article (> 0,1% and > 1 tonne per year), a Notification to ECHA must be submitted.

This applies also to imported articles.

SVHC Notification to ECHA can only be avoided if:

• Exposure to humans and the environment can be fully excluded (also in the waste stage!), or

• Someone has registered the substance in question for the particular use. (Registration not necessarily by the manufacturer of the substance)

If ECHA notification is avoided, the decision must be documented appropriately.

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